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Sunday, September 5, 2010

DigIt! dinner and fund-raising event (Lancaster)

Please support our sister organization in Lancaster:

Dig It! is having a Harvest dinner (fund raiser). DigIt! will be selling dinners using some produce from our gardens on September 23 from, 12 - 4pm down at the Dig It! garden at 618 Stevens Avenue. The cost of the dinner is $10 a plate.

Later that evening we are having a buffet dinner out at Radar Park, Church of The Apostles, 1850 Marietta Avenue, where our other garden is located. The cost for the buffet dinner and entertainment is $25.00. Tickets are available for either one of our fundraisers.

Please contact Nasreen for more information

(717) 203-5481

Take a tour through our gardens while you are there!

Please check out our website: www.thresholdpa.org

All things work together for your good if you believe

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