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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Penn Action/Clean Water Action Conference at Radisson 10-16-10

For being a six hour conference, it went by very quickly, with break-out discussion groups, networking, and lots of excellent presentations on a variety of topics. If you weren't there, you shoulda been!

The whole day was devoted to educating us newbie activists on the most effective ways to make changes in our legislature, our state and local governments, and how to connect with others in the long fight to maintain our clean air, water and land. With fracking wells going in all over the north, west and southwestern parts of PA, we have lots of work ahead.

One thing that everyone said was that we have to speak with one voice. With that in mind, Harrisburg residents are creating a website to start collecting all the actions, people and groups working to stop fracking in PA. That group is No Fracking Way... Connecting the Movement. They are on facebook (No Fracking Way) and on Twitter. Their email is NoFrackingWayPA@gmail.com. Please friend them on facebook and contribute to this effort to connect all the actions in one place.

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