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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charles Eisenstein's events

Hello everyone,

A few new things are on line with more to come in the next month. First, a couple interviews:
And a podcast of a Dharma talk I gave at the beautiful Upaya Zen Center.
These all have new material that may be unfamiliar to many of you.

Also, I'm experimenting with a new distributor for The Ascent of Humanity, Wubbit.com. The good news is that this allows independent bookstores to order the book on behalf of customers, and/or stock it on their shelves. They can get it at a standard trade discount.

Speaking of discounts, I am also offering a one-month discount for everyone else too, kind of a Christmas present. This is also available on Wubbit. $20. You can also buy them direct from me for the cover price of $25, and I will sign them to you or someone you love -- just make a note on the paypal form.

Finally, upcoming events:
January 8, 4-6pm: New Cumberland, PA, at Flow Together Yoga Studio, topic: The Invisible Path.
January 28, 7-9pm: Washington, DC, topic: TBA, probably "Living in the Gift" or "The Ascent of Humanity." contact Susan Belchamber (sbelchamber@ymail.com) for details.


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