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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Regional Transition Gathering on Saturday, February 5

 Feb 5, 2011 – Transition Town Lancaster Meeting

Join us on Saturday, Feb 5th at Woolen Mill Farm, 290 Woolen Mill Road, New Park, PA for a “TransitionTown Lancaster” meeting. A Transition Town meeting encourages sustainable communities and provides
advice on how to achieve them. For more information visit http://www.transitiontowns.org/

Arrive: 11 am – coffee/tea, meet and greet
Solar Tour: 12 noon – Led by Jay McGinnis
Lunch: 1 pm – Wood oven fired vegetarian pizzas
Discussion: 2 pm – Tony will share his experience w/T-Lancaster as facilitator. The group will share information regarding experiences, current state, projects, questions etc.
Video: 4-5 pm – An inspiring video from on the Transition Town movement. Schedule follow up meeting/event.

Anyone who is interested in learning about the Transition movement or has an interest in making our communities more sustainable, resilient and carbon-free is welcome to attend!

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