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Monday, January 24, 2011

Transition Town State College invitation.... Tuesday, January 25

TTSC is hitting a new stride.  We spent the last couple of months working on organization.  We have the list server and a blog (http://transitioncentrecounty.wordpress.com/).  Katherine Watt has maintained a strong presence with her month CDT sustainability page.  We are trying to lay the foundation for the next stage of the development of our model.

The Transition Towns (TT) movement is growing very rapidly.  There are nearly 350 official TT groups and nearly 350 addition registered groups, called Mullers, that are moving towards official status.  These are in 31 countries.  In the US there are currently 77 official Transition Towns, five of them in Pennsylvania and two in Centre County.

I know of at least a dozen more groups that are considering starting Transition initiatives in PA, two in Centre County.  Most are not on the official Muller’s map.  Last month I was interviewed about Transition Towns by WITF, Harrisburg area NPR (http://www.witf.org/news/smart-talk/5808-transition-towns.  Saturday I was in Harrisburg again and met with several of the local TT group.  There is a regional TT meeting near York coming up in February.

It is exciting to see how this idea is gaining momentum.  As the number of these communities grows and as their networking intensifies, we see a powerful synergy forming.  Sharing a common set of values we achieve a stronger sense of belonging to a larger community.  I’ve visited TTs in other states and find it delightful to be able to drop into a conversation we all already share in.

I am excited about the progress of the TT movement because issues related to energy and climate are becoming more urgent.  With the EPA under pressure, with Utica shale becoming more than a glimmer in the eye of the energy industry (and it underlies all of Centre County), with the failure of the Cancun climate conference, with the steady rise in the price of oil and gasoline, and other issues, we must intensify our response.  TT is just one of a number of groups with a similar sense of urgency and we are beginning to come together at the table.

Now that TT State College is digging in roots, Transition Centre will return to its focus of promoting the transition model, encouraging partnerships between groups working for sustainability, and developing an architecture for a sustainable community.

Speaking of the EPA, the PA Interfaith Power and Light Advocacy Committee is encouraging Senator Casey to support the EPA.  I am a member of the PA IPL Board.  Attached is a letter that will be delivered personally to Senator Casey if you would care to add your name.  Please mail it to the Advocacy Committee at the address provided in time to allow delivery by February 12th.  Thanks.

Hope to see you Tuesday evening.
Bill Sharp

Transition Town State College News
You are invited to a Transition Town meeting at Schlow Library

"$4-$5 a gallon gas - How will we cope?"

7pm Tuesday, January 25th 2011, at Schlow Library, State College Pa.
In the large meeting room at the back of the library main floor.

Hello friend,

We are having a public meeting of Transition Town next week, Tuesday Jan 25th, at 7pm in the meeting room in the back of Schlow Library in State College, and we wanted to invite you to attend.

The general theme of this public meeting will be "$4-$5 a gallon gas, how will we cope?" - and we hope to have a bit of discussion on ideas to help us deal with an age of permanently higher energy prices, but the real purpose of the meeting is just to give people interested in energy and Transition a chance to meet and talk and plan for the future.

So, this will be a relatively casual meeting, with a few snacks to share. Bring your thoughts and let's get to know each other better.

Thank you,

The folks of Transition Town State College

Contact Information
email: ttsc.steering@gmail.com

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